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Jan 13, 2013 - Black Point


Partners: Kyle Breen / Nina Ricci Calo Breen

Distance: 8.32 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,128 feet

Trip Time: 4:39

Maps and Stats:
I'd been out hiking a lot more than usual over the past several weeks, and while I don't usually strive for the most challenging hikes, I was ready for a break. My brother Kyle's wife Nina has recently become more focused on fitness and exercise, and she had mentioned to him here desire to hike with him sometime, but wasn't interested in going on a joint trip with both of us for fear of slowing us down. Since I wasn't planning on doing any hiking on this weekend, thought it might be a good time to see if Nina wanted to join us on a leisurely hike to Black Point, in Mt. Diablo State Park. This would be Nina's first real hike (not counting anything under 5 miles) so I figured this would be a good starting challenge.

We met up at the end of Regency Drive in Clayton. Although we could have lopped 2 miles off of the round trip journey to Black Point by parking at the end of Mitchell Drive, I am too cheap to pay the State Parking fee at that location since it is just as easy to hike the extra distance. Right from the beginning we were surprised to see the snow on the North slopes of Mt. Diablo- I had no idea there was snow up there as it hadn't rained much over the past several weeks. The snow level looked to be around 3,000 feet - since we were only going to about 1,900 feet we were not likely to see much of the white stuff up close.

After making our way cross country for the first mile over to the Mitchell Canyon trail, we actually did see some icy sections even at our low elevation. We followed the fire road until we connected with the Black Point trail, which winds its way back and forth up to the summit of Black Point. At first the views are limited to Eagle Peak, but once the trail reaches the ridgeline the views open up towards the East Bay, with fine views of Concord, including the Bank of America Building where Nina works. Although I tried to keep my pace slow, I couldn't stop myself from breaking away from Kyle, who was being much better than I about keeping our pledge to keep a leisurely pace. I hit the summit first, and took some shots of Clayton ,Mt. Diablo, and the deltafrom on top while waiting for Kyle and Nina.

They arrived a few minutes later and we took some summit shots, focusing on the fact that this was a milestone moment for Nina. After a husband and wifeshot at the top we continued down the north side of Black Point, opting to extend the length of the hike by looping around and catching back up with the Mitchell Canyon trail at a later point. I took off on my own, telling Kyle and Nina that I would go to the bottom of the hill, then turn around and climb back up to meet there where ever they were, in order to get a bit more of a hike in. I just couldn't help myself, once out there I needed to get my work in. The views on the north side are quite nice until the trail descends down a somewhat rocky drainage path which dumps out at the Mitchell Canyon trail. After getting to the bottom I turned around a climbed back up to meet them, climbing maybe a half mile and 400 vertical feet back up before meeting them. From there we worked our way back towards the car, but once again I sped up and wound up at my car about 10 minutes before they did. It wasn't a long day, but any day on the trail is enjoyable.

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