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Jul 4, 2016 - Haskins BM


Partners: (None)

Distance: 10.22 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,839 feet

Trip Time: 4:14

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The 4th of July is cause for celebration, although in my neighborhood it seems that it is cause for near rioting. People start setting off fireworks days in advance, and then on the 4th setting them off starting in the early afternoon until midnight. This creates problems for me and my dogs, and so I had to be home with my dogs since they are scared of the loud noises. This meant a short hike and a local hike. This also meant that I would be hiking in the heat of summer, although the forecast called for only about 80 degrees in the San Jose area. This lead me to select Haskins BM, a hike I've had planned now for about a year, although one I thought I would do in the dead of winter, not in the middle of summer.

The hike starts from high atop the hills overlooking the Silicon Valley, although a descent of 1,000 feet is required, followed by a reascent on the other side of a stream. Of course this meant that the hike would end with a 1,000 foot gain at the hottest part of the day. Yay. I had hiked out of this location before, so I wasted no time in starting down, noting a crashed vehicle that I had not seen on my previous visit. Near the bottom of the descent there is an old, abandoned house and barn, after which you enter a private road where hikers are only allowed on it for a short time. I followed it for the alloted 1/4 mile or so, still going down hill until the signed turnoff to the trail that would take me high up the hillside on the opposite side of the stream.

This part of the day was a bit tough, the sun was relentless and the slope was somewhat steep. Once achieving the top of the ridge the trail leads to a picnic table with awesome views of Silicon Valley, although if you take this detour and leave the main trail you have to walk through annoying tall grass that loves to poke and hitch rides in shoes, socks, and pant legs. I reconnected with the main trail which oddly ended in a gated fence, despite still clearly being public land on all the maps. Once past the fence you come to a an old abandoned air field, obviously no longer in service. From there it is a few hundred feet up a very steep and very grassy hillside to where another fence (this time possibly marking the park boundary) is located. There is a hole in the fence and the summit is a mere 100 feet or so on the other side of the fence. There is no benchmark to be found among the tall grasses on the summit, although there were some nice views of the surrounding hills. I was hot and the sun was getting hotter, so I went back through that hold in the fence and retraced my steps down, back down to the stream, and back up the 1,000 feet. Along the way I noted the view back to Haskins, at the same elevation I was at but with the giant canyon crossing now between us. I bet this is a great hike in cool weather, in summer it was still okay which says a lot.

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