Hiking Stats as of 10/31/2014
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 1,988.96 miles
 555,398 feet

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This site contains my trip reports for a variety of northern California peaks, along with the occasional high Sierra and SoCal peak.
Recent Trips
Oct 26, 2014 - Mocho, Mount / Boardman, Mount / Boardman North / Mocho North (Peak 3672)

Oct 18, 2014 - Jobs Peak / Lovers Leap

Oct 12, 2014 - Donlan Point / Wiedemann Hill / Harlan Hill
Having done a lot of driving over the past couple of months, I felt like I needed a weekend off to recharge. Not a weekend off from hiking, of course, but a weekend where I could stay local and avoid the nearly 6 hour round trip up to the Sierra. Saturday morning came and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, which resulted in my not doing anything. Saturday night I started researching potential areas to visit. I wanted something that would present a decent challenge but I had done most of (Read More)

Oct 03, 2014 - Half Dome
Unbelievably it had been a year since Kyle and I had last hiked up Half Dome. Since our visit last fall we did Clouds Rest in April, which follows much of the same route which is probably why it feels like we were just here. In fact, although this would be my 4th visit to Half Dome and Kyle's 3rd, it would be my 6th trip up the Mist Trail and through Little Yosemite Valley (Kyle's 4th). Despite having done it so much, we put in our application for a permit during the lottery period early in (Read More)

Sep 27, 2014 - Jobs Peak
In the days leading up to the last weekend of September the weather forecast was calling for an early season snowstorm in the Sierra. The storm was forecast to arrive Friday night, with snow lasting through at least mid day Sunday. With snow levels generally forecast to be around 7000+ feet, getting to the mountains would not be too much trouble via Echo Summit over Highway 50. But what to climb? I've never gone out in a snow event before, other than having a stray snow shower or two (Read More)

Sep 20, 2014 - Round Top
I was heading up to South Lake Tahoe to look at houses again which has the unfortunate consequence of cutting into potential hiking time. Knowing that I only had a half day available, I decided on a repeat of Round Top, which Kyle and I climbed last June. Round Top is a fantastic looking peak, standing tall above Highway 88 near Kirkwood, with a short approach starting on the PCT and a enjoyable class 3 scramble to the summit. I also planned on making the short traverse from Round Top over (Read More)

Sep 13, 2014 - Grant, Mount
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a fellow hiker informing me of the Mt. Grant Memorial Challenge (www.911challenge.org), an event serving as a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11. Mt. Grant is the highest peak in Mineral County, Nevada and has been closed for public access following 9/11, with the exception of the annual Mt. Grant Memorial Challenge (starting in 2011). This would be a long drive for me, at 4:45, so an overnight stay would be required. I've never done (Read More)

Sep 05, 2014 - Shasta, Mount
Kyle and I were staying at the Motel 6 in Weed, having spent a few hours the day before in Lassen Volcanic National Park to acclimate for today's big hike of Mt. Shasta. And an ambitious plan it was, the objective was to dayhike the peak, requiring about 7,700 feet of elevation gain all the way up to 14,179 feet, over loose ash and talus for most of the way up. What better way to spend a day off work than this? Mt. Shasta has a lot of distinctions, such as being the fifth highest peak in (Read More)

Sep 04, 2014 - Ski Heil Peak / Eagle Peak (Lassen)
Once again I had 2 days off work, and so another road trip was in order. Kyle also had Thursday and Friday off, and we planned a trip up north to hike Mt. Shasta, about a 5 hour drive for me and 4 hours for Kyle. Mt. Shasta is a 14k peak, but stands alone as the giant of Northern California, meaning there were no good options to acclimate. I looked at the maps and saw that we could make a side trip to the Lassen Volcanic National Park and at least spend some time up around 9,000 feet. (Read More)

Aug 30, 2014 - Markleeville Peak / The Nipple
For this weekends hike Kyle and I planned a trip up to South Lake Tahoe, with the primary goal of looking at potential vacation houses and then hiking with the time that remained afterword. The plan was to look at houses for 3 hours or so, and then head on over to Markleeville Peak and The Nipple, two OGUL Peaks, with Markleeville also being a WSC Peak. Markleevile and The Nipple would be OGUL peaks number 36 and 37, and Markleeville would be WSC Peak number 33. As planned, we spent about 3 (Read More)
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Month# TripsMilesElevation GainTrip Time
October 2014458.7313,95424:15
September 2014558.8622,30331:34
August 20148103.1830,07054:22
July 2014466.2915,76135:06
June 2014439.2212,35920:46
May 2014574.5017,61034:19
April 2014462.6118,91429:16
March 2014567.4119,27333:37
February 2014571.1919,50634:04
January 2014332.729,21917:21
December 2013548.2213,87026:18
November 2013338.719,91420:09
October 2013448.2916,99325:40
September 2013459.4215,29124:09
August 2013443.1212,58720:23
July 2013223.577,03613:29
June 2013868.6420,40735:53
May 2013358.5115,14925:46
April 2013228.509,31718:20
March 2013219.436,52713:56
February 2013231.178,81315:01
January 2013336.418,54215:00
December 2012438.669,48918:44
November 2012343.7712,01218:01
October 2012338.7910,33219:17
September 2012442.5812,97822:46
August 2012437.6711,76821:08
July 2012339.7612,03822:18
June 2012123.686,87410:54
May 2012227.827,87712:20
April 2012121.505,65310:37
March 2012342.8613,02319:09
February 2012229.054,71811:12
January 2012228.737,20813:05
December 2011231.6610,32515:10
November 2011338.8711,15616:53
October 2011463.9418,56928:30
September 2011223.435,6487:41
August 2011329.576,45512:52
July 2011228.919,02212:52
June 201100.0000:00
May 2011129.447,33810:38
April 2011233.037,80014:38
March 2011241.469,80016:41
February 2011237.229,50015:56
January 2011115.854,9006:29
December 2010115.524,9006:55
November 2010228.707,60011:08
October 2010117.795,0007:25